Smart Solutions

Home Automation is a lifesytle, peace of mind and the future of living.

The Future of  Smart, Simple, Automated Life

Egypt Network Smart Homes  was established to help people improve their lifestyle with the use of advanced Smart Home Automation and other innovative technologies. We specialize in creating personalized solutions that provide the homeowner with maximum efficiency, control, and personal comfort.

Our team of highly trained home theater installers, experienced home automation professionals. experts take pride in the work we do.  We remain transparent and communicate honestly through each stage of the project, including conception, design, installation, programming, customer education and continued support. We offer the highest quality products with custom integration and design. By listening to our clients’ needs and working together, we create the perfect package tailored to each unique project. Our team works with interior decorators, contractors, homebuilders, and other trade professionals to ensure all your customized needs are met. We are always available and ready to help.


Things we can do for you

Lights come on when you enter a room and go off when you leave, automatically dim or switch to lamps as the sun sets and your blinds close. Switch effortlessly between preset lighting schemes, set the scene to suit a quiet night in or a house full of guests. Integrate your lighting with your home security system and control it remotely from a phone or tablet, either laid in bed or laid on a beach thousands of miles away.

With CCTV you can watch on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. With a smart home you never need miss a parcel again, watch the delivery man ring your doorbell on your cctv, speak to him via your phone and unlock and lock the side gate. Control access to your property with smart locks on doors and gates, or control panel access with codes that can be changed daily via your phone or tablet. Together with our integrated security systems this technology also has applications for Airbnb owners and supported housing schemes.

Music and multimedia is becoming a huge part of people’s everyday life and a great way to relax and enjoy your free time. Using multi room audio you can have music follow you through the house or if you leave a room the music will turn itself off. Integration of doorbell and security warnings through the same system means that you can always have peace of mind of what’s going on in and around your home. The same system will be used to scare off an unwanted intruder while you’re not at home.

Sleep safe, knowing that your doors are locked and your house is alarmed with a system integrated with your lighting and home audio, You will be alarmed when door is opened or some one is moving on your area.

No longer worry about the size of your bills , Open Air Condition only in the rooms that need to be cooled, when you need them, to the exact temperature you like from your phone or tablet or simply set it to the way you like and relax. Also control your TV , DVD ,and any remoted device from your mobile.

Control all your smart devices with just say commands . Say Alexa or Hello google and start to control your lights , Air condition , Doors , Cameras and curtains.

With voice commands your live will be much easier than any time before.

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