Site Survey

The best way to ensure we are designing a system that will deliver exactly what you want is by getting to know you. An integral part of any process is setting aside some time to discuss your likes, dislikes, your family’s likes and dislikes and any other stakeholder’s needs. We also dig into what aspects of the system would be needed for it to be considered a valuable automated system..


Once our team has fully understood your lifestyle preferences, they will invest time working closely with the System Designer to craft a tailored proposal, taking into account all the comments and feedback made.
Our team will then sit with you to walk you through the suggested system components, carefully explaining each any every element, its functionality, benefits and what you can expect from the system as a whole.


Once the proposal has been approved, We will start working with our engineers on the methodology behind our custom-made systems, ensuring all details are laid out in a detailed plan. Then, the team works together to refine, spec and finalize estimates for system installation.


Egypt Network take a scientific approach to managing our projects and achieving objectives. Over time, we have developed our own framework of project management to ensure that we consistently deliver to our customers’ expectations. Our qualified Project Managers diligently work with all stakeholders throughout the duration of the project to ensure we deliver something everyone will love.


Our installation team have been trained to implement all our systems using the industry standards . That way, our clients can rest assured of the quality of the end result.  We commission every project in a way that ensures that systems & components are designed, installed, tested & operated according to the agreed upon functionality defined in the Proposal Development phase.


Throughout the duration of the project journey, you are constantly in touch with our team. Once the project is ready for handover, our Designer will walk through the completed system with you and showcase each of the functionalities that had been scoped out and agreed upon. At this stage, you are seeing your dream become reality and are being prepped to enjoy your very own customized system.

Support Program

Our Support Program is almost as important as the installed system itself. Once we have your system installed, we want to ensure that you always have a smooth, hassle-free experience with it. As such, we recommend you acquire one of our annual SLA Contracts. Our contracts ensure that we are never far away, and allow us the ability to monitor and quickly respond to issues as and when they may arise. While we all know technology is never fool-proof, we want to ensure that your system will function flawlessly to all users, no matter what and when issues may crop up. Let us take on the worry from you and we promise you won’t regret it.

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