routers, switches, secure remote access and servers

Your company’s network impacts every aspect of your business and you can’t afford to let persistent problems slow you down. Down time due to network infrastructure issues equals lost time and lost revenue.

TNS has partnered with industry leaders to deliver dynamic solutions that not only improve the integrity of your network infrastructure, but ultimately benefit your bottom line to give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

Our Network Infrastructure services include: routers, switches, load balancing, secure remote access, servers, back-office software, storage, and IP telephony.

Our services include the design, installation, support, training, and securing of network systems. Technology is obviously a critical component all business and TNS is on the leading edge of both equipment and services to maximize the results for all of its clients.

With the expertise of our staff in the management and deployment of LAN, MAN and WAN infrastructure, We can advise, design, and implement cost effective based network topology for small, medium and enterprise organizations.


Our Enterprise Management team is focused on the deployment of Enterprise Management Solutions for companies seeking to organize, streamline, and more effectively manage their enterprise network. Our professionals will design, install and configure the following:


Enterprise Network, Applications and Systems Management

Fault, Performance, Availability, Capacity Planning and Bandwidth Management

Things we can do for you

This is perhaps the most appealing benefit for many small businesses looking to optimize their budgets. VoIP phone systems tend to be much less expensive than traditional systems for both local and long distance calling. And if you go with a cloud-based system, you’ll save even more money on hardware and setup costs as well as upfront capital expenditures as cloud VoIP phone systems are paid on a monthly basis.

Another extremely appealing benefit of cloud-based VoIP phone systems to small businesses and organizations is the fact that they can be very flexible and have the ability to expand or contract with your organization. If your business is growing rapidly (or has the potential to grow rapidly), or if your business is seasonal in nature, it wouldn’t make sense for you to purchase a certain number of phone lines and telephones just to have to turn around and add to or remove those resources 3 months down the road. With traditional business phone systems, growing or shrinking resources can get expensive. But not with cloud-based VoIP phone systems.

Because VoIP uses your internet connection instead of physical phone lines, resources can often be added or reduced simply and easily, making transition periods a breeze for your business.

VoIP phone systems operate over the Internet, which means they are capable of being accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Many VoIP providers offer what’s called “softphone” capabilities, which is essentially a mobile app that allows you to use your business phone from your mobile device – that way you can make and receive calls from anywhere you’d like and it’s as if you’re still sitting at your desk!

Better call routing and screening

VoIP phone systems have the capability of using auto attendants to answer calls and route them to the appropriate location. This saves your business time, money, and frustration, as you’ll no longer be forced to pay someone to manage the often tedious task of fielding and routing initial phone calls. You’ll also get the added bonus of appearing more professional to callers.

Better connectivity

With VoIP phone systems, being away from your phone doesn’t have to limit your ability to stay connected to prospects, customers, and team members. With features like “Find Me Follow Me,” you can have your calls routed to several different locations in order to “find you.”

For example, you might want your desk phone to ring first when someone calls your extension, then if you don’t answer there, you might want the call to be routed on the second or third ring to your mobile or home phone for a couple of rings before finally going to your secretary’s desk phone. This is a great way to ensure each caller is able to reach a human being and avoid the often dreaded voicemail where possible.

Speaking of voicemail, if and when your callers are sent to your voicemail, VoIP phone systems have the capability of transcribing that voicemail and being sent to you in the form of an email. That way you can immediately see who called and what they said in their voicemail without having to physically go to your office phone or call into a voicemail system.

Better data and caller insight

What business doesn’t want to know more about their callers and the actions they’ve taken before and after calls with their business? With VoIP phone systems, you can integrate your calls with your business’s customer relationship management software (CRM), allowing you to get better insights into who is calling and what actions they’re taking before and after engaging with your business via telephone.

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