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Is your Internet holding your business back from reaching its full potential?  Businesses with mission-critical applications such as VoIP and ERP in the cloud can no longer afford network disruptions, even for a short duration.  ABP’s redundancy solutions allow you to combine different DSL, Cable, Fiber or LTE providers so you never lose your connection to the cloud.  Our solutions are tailored to offer you complete network and hardware redundancy in the events of physical or power failures, and VPN redundancy so your teleworkers can always connect to the head office.

With the number of security breaches against small and medium businesses on the rise every year, security can no longer be an afterthought for businesses.  As it becomes common for employees to bring their own devices to work or connect to their office networks remotely, the traditional one-size-fits-all enterprise security approach is neither adequate nor affordable for SMBs.  Whether connecting teleworkers securely to headquarters, multi-site branch office networks, secure cloud connections or securing school campuses, ABP’s security solutions are tailored to provide “defense in depth” with industry-accepted encryption protocols, without complex licensing or additional plug-ins.

The use of WiFi in corporate networks has increased exponentially, and managing wireless networks for a streamlined and secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementation has become very challenging.  Multiple wireless Access Points need to be deployed for site-wide coverage in order to handle all the WiFi clients.  SMBs might not have the budget for centralized management solutions involving Wireless Controllers.  These are also typically difficult to integrate with existing SMB infrastructure and require specialized training for maintenance.  ABP’s Wireless Solutions offer seamless, centralized WiFi management that’s perfect for SMBs and hospitality applications without the additional costs or complexities.

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